Too Quick

The hyperactive ones,
Incapable of stagnation,
Accomplish nothing,
Aggravate themselves,
Refuse relaxation,
Driven by riches,
Drowned by greed,
Worked to dust,
Bash commitment,
To any emotion,
Other than avidity.

The hyperactive ones,
Vowing to break bonds,
With people that preach,
Peaceful belief-
In the slowness of peace,
Contrary to their bolting feet,
The importance of the still and speech,
To simply stop moving and absorb your surroundings at least,
Stop tirelessly chasing,
A piece of economy you technically can’t keep.



The ties to my devil,
Severed at every level,
I repent for gloating,
I abstain from hoping,
Too hard in triumphant day,
While my demons still remain in way,
Of what is to come,
I am not yet numb,
But healing.

I force my paces unset,
From paths I haven’t walked yet,
But seen with watery eyes,
I have broken the habit of questioning to what I know I’ve been tied,
Not until now have I tried,
To actually look beyond my burning grounds and old skies,
I have slowly halted the perpetual, one word at a time.

Now I stand along the edges of commitment to a better woman,
More complete,
Not tempted to compete –
With outstanding facts contradicting her emotion,
I stand by a more beautiful commotion,
A more final devotion,
To irrefutable evidence of betterment,