The  quality of noise we give our ears,
Demonstrative in our actions,
Thriving in our perceptions,
Driving us to justify our sickly reflections.

Copious screams of sexuality feed the virgin ears,
Unearthing adolescents from innocence,
Breeding temptations at least-
To be tied around their skinny necks,
Dragging them along the sinful grounds of sexual curiosity with wicked ropes,
Which intend to corrupt and desensitize sex into merely a joke-
To be had,
Just like the young girls that flaunt in short skirts,
At this point the notion hurts.

Garret separates himself from reality,
Plugs his ears,
Puts on The Weeknd and turns it up,
Crowing about how many bitches he fucked,
Garret head bops and mind sucks it up,
The one wailing temptation about a girl class, Garret can’t seem to shut it up,
Next day in class, he reaches in front of desk and grabs her ass,
Koda swirls around punches him in the face, glasses break, eye stabbed with glass,
Teacher sends for the medics,
Garret explains to Dad,
Conniptions of a young lad,
Actions of a young adult,
Now Garret is charged with one account of sexual assault.


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