I am fearful again,
The blaring music has stopped,
Giving attention to my screaming thoughts,
What if?,
One night comes,
In bleak disarray,
Sitting up in bed.
In pitch black shade,
I cannot take,
It no longer,
I embrace my hate,
I slake my hunger,
I take to town,
To homes yonder,
Irate, unbound.
Morals and mind asunder,
I kill the house,
I stab the tongue,
I teach the mouth,
I hide the young,
She screams and shouts,
Pant, shakes, dry gums,
She is ripe with doubt,
Forehead in contact with cold gun,
She knows what’s about –
To happen before sun.

Exactly what I said.

I am free,
I am fearful again,
What if…?


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