I am with the aging young,

Energy aplenty atop dreams high sprung,

I ask myself for focus,

She does not answer,

Let deliberation engulf me, grab me by my nerves and drown me in inattention.

Mother see that I cannot notice!,

Give me mental clarity, permit me peace,

Just once without the pill,

Do not drive me to keep still,

Do not deem me sickened and find me ill,

Just once…

Without this pill,

These pills,

A shiver, a chill,

A tickling tick shrill.

It is the presence of adoration, affection,

That drives you,

Protection over the lives who-

You parent.

The grades down, I’m doped up,

Medication choked up,

I can’t speak up…I never woke up,

A hurricane behind bone that have all broken up…


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