A Word

I never had the energy to look-

At what her nature took-

Away from me,

The missing parts that people hatefully-

Pointed out,

An obvious deformity…an emotional shout,

In a lightless scene…

Demonstrated in violent dreams.

A woman spoke to me,

Told me something that almost broke me,

In half, and supposedly-

It was intended to make me laugh,

But it didn’t…

She told me that my smile is composed of gathered pieces,

Of scattered peaces,

About the insides of myself,

I needed to get rid of the extra books on shelf,

Because they were holding me back,

The future is bright, the past is black,

The future is mutable, the past is fact,

I told these words to the chest and weeped,

Finally found the base again under my feet,

I made myself a promise…that I promised to keep,

That with this anger, this heat,

I will singe the obstacles that exist to keep me weak…

I never had the energy to look…

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