Women with something I do not have,

Not in their jeans,

Not in their shirts.


Women with something I cannot grab,

Not locked behind seams,

Not in up into skirts.


Women with treasures afresh,

I scream and dance, I pound my chest,

I shout and praise and tend to impress,

The oddly woman in the turquoise dress.


I flail around to keep her eye,

She stands her ground to make me try,

I extend my hand to signal noble intent,

She places her palm in mine to show consent.


We jest and joke, and dance and hope,

That the night we hold rebuild what broke,

We laugh and cry under dark blue night,

Cerebrating about what we’ve done, and what we might,


The night should never end.

The heavy woods breathing on hollowed ground,

The gift of silence, the perfect sound,

The ol’ golden moon, with craters abroad,

With simple pleasures, and gentle chest nods,

The night should never end.


The night should never end,

Because tomorrow brings another mystery,

One night with a queen,

The queen of her riches, the hankered unseen,

I’ve found the thing I cannot say,

That keeps me vivacious throughout the day,



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