These Borders

I do believe that,

If I really try,

To sway from new millennial social infrastructures,

I could flee form societal downfall.

Outside these borders,

I would travel to reach tradition,

Holding dear to what has always made sense,

I would find the fictitious women who court,

Who view sex certainly not as a sport,

Who know what it’s like to be grateful of a man’s support,

A women who stray from screaming independence as insults.

I do believe,


That I can outrun,

The hurricane of sensitivity and over-offense,

I could walk on those flooding waters,

To serendipity of sorts,

A manly man,

A kind woman,

A womanly woman,

A kind man…

A loving relationship.

I do believe,


That there is still a thing, as a loving relationship,

Outside these borders.


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