Women with something I do not have,

Not in their jeans,

Not in their shirts.


Women with something I cannot grab,

Not locked behind seams,

Not in up into skirts.


Women with treasures afresh,

I scream and dance, I pound my chest,

I shout and praise and tend to impress,

The oddly woman in the turquoise dress.


I flail around to keep her eye,

She stands her ground to make me try,

I extend my hand to signal noble intent,

She places her palm in mine to show consent.


We jest and joke, and dance and hope,

That the night we hold rebuild what broke,

We laugh and cry under dark blue night,

Cerebrating about what we’ve done, and what we might,


The night should never end.

The heavy woods breathing on hollowed ground,

The gift of silence, the perfect sound,

The ol’ golden moon, with craters abroad,

With simple pleasures, and gentle chest nods,

The night should never end.


The night should never end,

Because tomorrow brings another mystery,

One night with a queen,

The queen of her riches, the hankered unseen,

I’ve found the thing I cannot say,

That keeps me vivacious throughout the day,



These Borders

I do believe that,

If I really try,

To sway from new millennial social infrastructures,

I could flee form societal downfall.

Outside these borders,

I would travel to reach tradition,

Holding dear to what has always made sense,

I would find the fictitious women who court,

Who view sex certainly not as a sport,

Who know what it’s like to be grateful of a man’s support,

A women who stray from screaming independence as insults.

I do believe,


That I can outrun,

The hurricane of sensitivity and over-offense,

I could walk on those flooding waters,

To serendipity of sorts,

A manly man,

A kind woman,

A womanly woman,

A kind man…

A loving relationship.

I do believe,


That there is still a thing, as a loving relationship,

Outside these borders.

True Fear

What’s the risk of honesty?
Do I tread on a hollow ground of fibs and lies?,
I’d rather lie down and die.

While words heavy I don’t turn away from the truth,
I give nothing to fallacy,
And exploit the absent of proof,
Conjecture about the formation of this galaxy,
Rumors that gradually –
Began to present themselves as truth…
The hearts of my hearers be broken in two,
Stabbed and jabbed and spoken though,
By words I’ve spoken true,
Words for the soul with intentions to open you,
I can’t cut my tongue to spare the ear,
You are frightful,
And truth is fear.

Give and Take

The bad sides of many,
Cooped up within four thick walls,
Identities fell flat at the door,
A room of twenty-
Four questionable forces,
Colliding to forge notable choices,
I cannot combat,
From this unanimously we can’t come back,
The place of no return, which in fact-
Dimensions counteract productivity and keep us off track.

A murderous man thrown into question and trialed by a debate,
Who’s final standing will convince a judge of what action take,
Principally a life for a life,
A punctual game of give and take.


To be replaced by a dog,
An inadequate substitution,
With no challenging dialogue,
A canine hired for platonic prostitution.

He cannot firmly disagree,
He cannot firmly encompass me,
A desperately pitiful pompous plea,
To force herself to get over me.

Poor doggy, beaten with thoughtless words,
Spoken from a harpy chasing birds,
To be stabbed in their chirping hearts and hatefully served-
To poor doggy,
The blood would probably-
Make the meat soggy,
I mean the beak’s body,
I mean the beak soggy…
To be replaced by a fucking dog,
I should go choke the fucking thing,


Harm not the systems who’s purposes are to purify and cleanse the societies both domestic and abroad,
Never tell the Bible to forget God,
Never tell the parent to spare the rod.

These systems identify delinquents,
They intend to purge wholly the unholy,
With obvious chances for repents,
Goodness solely.

Not God but government,
Give white guidelines to those lost,
Give black bars to those crossed,
Wonderments ,
These cops are,
Here and there near and far.