The Love of gods

To them,
It’s not enough,
To be held responsible for inequities dealt by nervous hands,
The complex must suffer too,
The system lets only few-
Pass through-
Unscathed, pure, and you,
…change is an inevitability, present, under the guise of individualism,
An exorcism –
To take you from you,
A travailing attempt to break the person,
Attempts clipped into 24 hour segments that worsen-
Which each wake,
The system the poster children love…
The system you can’t refuse to hate.

They, the gods, fuse-
Perfectly, light and dark hues,
Imperfectly, good and bad news,
In organic reality to make you happy of your consequence,
I have done bad but not worse than last,
I am pathetic even though the sun still shines vast-
I think…I’m pretty sure that I still attain me, trapped in a box somewhere deep inside my chest,
Maybe me not at my best,
But still me nonetheless,
And evidence that I haven’t been bested yet…
By the beautiful gods forging an ugly life,
I will, again, wake from another night,
And disgrace them with proclivity despite-
Their incessant trails to instill contrition in my fragile depths.


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