On the Other Side

We pick up the weights of our brothers from solid grounds,
We reach with torn stomachs and sore  hearts,
Grabbing limbs to drag still hallow meat-
Across sharp grasses and high wheat,
The smell of fire seeps-
Into pleasant aromas, discrete,
Penetrate nostrils deep,
Verve pledges to decrease…in site of the dead,
Wails, weeping, red-
Yells, weeping, dread,
Wish well the sleeping dead,
God give mercy must,
To the frail minded unjust,
Victims of new war and bloodlust,
Horrid gusts of heat,
From bombs,
Beating the weak…

Mothers pray under whooshing airplanes,
Mothers cry under black skies,
Village screams of protesters rebuking the lethal unseen,
1st world witches forcing us unclean,
No tied hands we gather guns,
We protect our fathers,
We train our sons,
We protect our daughters,
We spare none,
Look what the Devil’s done,
Given us dead and inflicted young,
On the other side of sunlight, there is no sun.


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