She has the power,
I let her chase me into eerily darkened woods,
Just enough light to see the green in the trees,
I can hear her footsteps behind me beating the ground I passed,
I sense her body urging to grab and lift me from feet in anger,
She has the power,
I let her chase me into red bricks of a townhome at the end of the trees,
She zips through the open door and I slam it behind her,
She stops and stares I scream,
I wickedly grin,
She once convinced by the guise of me fearful,
She stays still,
I move forward,
She steps back,
I move forward,
She stumbles over antiques,
I grab her wrists,
She yanks away,
I force a kiss,
She refuses to say,
I give her hair a stern pull and twist,
Whisper in her ear “once you wanted this,
Right before you chased me out of your life for so long that I drew you in mine”,
With red paints, brown handle, black bristles,
With a firm grip I flung with tears,
Filled a canvas and gave structure to beautiful fears,
…I screamed as you chased me…I drew you near,
You, mindless predator, let that happen and now we’re here,
I have the control to make you play house,
Build an empire on disinterest and pouts,
You’ll always remain now…I’ll never let you out.


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