Las Vegas

I cannot confuse the hues,

The blush skies remind me I am not home,

One cloud per 30 miles,

30 miles of desert wild,

Reflective street, right above the horizon,

Me and sun head home,

She descends into the earth,

I disappear into dirt and dead trees,

Running dead leaves,

Along the edge of highways.


This is not North Carolina,

I am dressed in a sand tee and light jacket,

I wear a short shirt and flip flops,

It is new December bipolar in extremes,

I cannot confuse the hues that I’ve seen,

For they are divided in color, in place,

In Las Vegas the “fresh” air has taste,

The tap what is disgusting and local society is a disgrace,

In Las Vegas the people are touched in the head,

An extravagant much could easily be said,

Walk on the strip, walk amongst the dead,

Drunken zombies homeless people advertising with pornographic strip club cards,

“A free lap dance”, they force the paper in your hand,

In Las Vegas the kids should not,

In Las Vegas people go to casinos to get disappointed and Walmarts to get shot,

Ding ding ding! The sound of elderly drones playing quick slots,

Plugged into the machines,

And then…the mountains…calm, clear, serene,

Warm, wonderful, waste-less, clean,

Washed of sin, it is where God intervenes,

Removes the plaque of liquor,

And reminds you of earth,

These darks,

These brights,

This worth,

Reds, tans, blues,

I would not want to confuse these hues,

That remind me, I am not home.



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