The Motions

He steps from bed,

He grabs his thick framed glasses from the Ash wood nightstand,

Everything is ash wood,

He walks with hugs from loose bed sheets,

One stair step at a time,

Three more to go, don’t let go of the Ash wood handrail,

Everything is Ash wood,

First floor,

He scoots to the kitchen,

He stares at Kenmore,

He grasps the cold closet metal handle,

4 eggs, 1 cartoon unevenly spaced apart,

He places them on the center piece,

He’s eating eggs.


Upstairs, closet, clothes, cufflinks,

Downstairs, coat carry, car, commute,

Work, careless, coffin, cranky, customers, calls, clock out.



He parks in the driveway,

He sits,

Silently in the driveway,

He sits,

The 28th second of the fifth minute, he grabs the door handle,

Walks to door knob, unlocks,

He to kitchen, fishsticks and apple juice, a meal for a kid,

Sits on couch watches Blindspot, smirks,


Upstairs, undress, dress, bed, rest,


He steps from bed…








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