It’s almost December,

My months have disappeared, compressed with constant yesterdays and never nows,

The present always composed of questionable remnants of an eternal past,

What does 2015 know about immortality?

…the same that 2014 did.


I cannot dismiss the evidence of this productive year,

Formations of everlasting bonds and the oiling of the giant gear,

The removing of long shut books to open space-

For another person to fill this empty place,

With ripe emotion to fill this empty face…stuck on frowns,

I’ve knowingly tread on new ground,

Taking my music from my soul to venture toward a new sound,

I’ve gladly written demons dead,

Cleansed my chest and stabilized my head,

I’ve gathered important textbooks to fill this empty spot on the right side of my bed,

I’ve removed the red-

From my eyes to renounce all dangerous anger…

I have…met,

With me multiple times and let,

The words flow from mind to heart,

I’ve used art-

To better explain what I could not remark…

I am not fearful of 2016,

Simply because there will always be enough good to match the bad, no matter how heavy the expectations.


3 thoughts on “2016

  1. A thorough trip through meandering streets and alleys of your mind during 2015.
    May your following year being new revelations of eternity 🙂

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