White Moon

White moon all day,
Why do you come for me?
You must stop staring,
Remove your arms from my atmosphere,
Your cold is unwelcomed here,
I’m still in the middle of repairing!,
Myself from the last ice age–
You caused in swift rage,
It’s been 66 days,
I’ve tried over 67 ways-
To rebuild the shattered prices of my chest,
I’ve taken energy from my mishaps to try best,
The further my cut fingers endure the more I become less.

White moon all day,
Leave me alone,
It took seconds for you to refuse to not stay gone,
Mixed in frays of self and past,
Myself of glass and glue,
I cannot continue because I am not liquid enough to pass through you,
Or dense enough to split you open,
Not immovable you are, but broken,
You are white, silent, and unspoken,
You most go away, your progression is pressing mine.

Giant white moon simply burn cold in night,
While my eyes are closed and my neighbors fight,
Over which word is right “affect or effect”
White moon…not yet.


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