Lacing sheets,

Wrapped tightly around torsos, cold feet,

75 percent of me,

Covered with heat.

Mouth full of rye,

And tea,

Mind full of why—

Your mind is full of me,

15 days apart,

Six sips of moisture from the broken heart,

Three, fifth days away,

A drink of poison, the taste of dismay,

Walking into light, into night, toward the moon,

A decision to break sanctity, you made too soon,

A counteracting impact,

Stilled your muscles and has broken the back,

Of your structure…your gears,

You’ve ruptured your ballooned fears.

When your heart speaks in public,

You keep composure neat so that your girls may think nothing of it,

But what does it?

What causes the jump in the lip?

What causes the fall of the eyes?

What causes the chest to rip?

When we intersect in Subway by surprise?

When you understand that the entire relationship was built on individuality and girlish lies?

Telling yourself you’ll be better alone, alongside–

Your freezing feet,

Quantity control, of more of you and less of me.

Independence…with victims,

The negative space takes its time and carefully picks them,

From the lot of willing men,

Holding women together,

That have been forever,

The glue, 75 percent of you,

In which no weather can war,

In which no woman, no matter the mind, can ignore.





You are unreal,

You are paper,

You are numb still,

You are autumn maker,

The bringer of the fall,

You are withal,

You are later,

You are woman,

You are mine,

You are mind,

You are thinking,

You are forgotten,

You are there,

You are shared,

You are ill,

You are squall,

You are ebbing,

You are letting,

Them into us.


I am harsh,

I am peace,

I am truth,

I am teeth,

I am two,

I am me,

I am you,

We are we,

I am we,

We, not, three,

I am ploy,

I am plying,

I am plying,

I am prying,

I am prying,

I am crying,

He is boy,

I am dying,

I am toy.

Stay Awake

It’ll be beyond reasonable hours,

It will be inconveniently before I wake,

Probably around the only time Vegas gets cool in August,

It’ll most likely wake me with it’s unexpected power,

The bed will shake, I’ll wake, with a headache,

And get a little upset that it couldn’t be a little more respectable, a little more modest.

A young heart, with old emotion,

For body to be awaken by its…actually subtle commotion,

…if that makes sense,

It’s not completely chaotic, not nearly tense,

It’s simply emotion trapped,

Attempting to twitch out of the straight jacket from which I had it strapped,

I know the straps have unwrapped, they’re loose,

The long white leather belts have lost their use.

I knew it!,

Monday morning, night…, 3:23,

The fucking emotion woke me,

From me sleep,

Like a fucking creep,

It stared at me as I slowly blinked–


I absolutely hate–

When this shit happens,

It’s always worse than I imagine.

She was on my mind, I kept love away,

She was on my mind, I kept love away,

She could not help herself but to stay,

Here with me everyday all day,

…in my mind, in my chest,

The love that I had wrapped away chose to undress,

Now I am left with me, and whatever I chose to confess,

To her…my minds best–

Imagination come to life,

Came to life twice, in one night,

Because I went to sleep again but her weight lied in my thoughts…and put up a viable fight,

For my attention,

My intention–

Now is…either to tell her…or stay wake forever.