I cannot feel the sun,

What be of simple warmth?

From the cores of our existences,

On earth and with heart, with chest,

We wished once of stability in chaos and peace in unrest,

We trained to conquer the brittle minds of our mutual adversary,

The cold.

Only in one man, boy, in soul,

An obstructive subordinate goal,

It was, we were in one accord,

I placed the plan,

You tilted your head, my hand,

To tell me…that you could understand,

Terms of peace, with rancor first,

Methods of mental increase, it could never get worse,

The frost bitten fingers of a devil,

Poked the open wounds,

Poked the open wounds,

The fingers of a devil did,

The mind of a devil slid,

Of slopes of cognitive constructs created by us,

A relationship built on healthy dependence and whole hearted trust.

There is no more February,

We can create now nothing,

You go along,

I stay here,

You go along,

And…I stay here,

You conquest toward the summer’s gust,

As you remise, in edicts of words, cuss,

Toward the frozen wind of your new summer…

I cannot see the sun,

I cannot be, for I have come undone,

I cannot be,

I cannot be,

In peace with me, nor you,

You know, knew,

What to do…in times of distressing unrest,

The weight of your thoughts still lay on my broken chest,

Until tomorrow! I scream, a better day,

A better way…to fight the cold,

Its toll…may be a bit much to bare,

You leave me to conquest to nowhere.


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