Give me something I don’t want,

Symbolism, the gnashing of teeth,

The gripping of fists,

The laying of beasts,

Beat…the head with clubs of futile emotion,

The heart…

Burst into color…in darkness,

The lightless entity of yesterday embrace me now,

Give me something I don’t want,

Confusion…misdirection and disarray,


Will end the sentences of what I cannot unsay.

Her stains keep the bed,

Red, bled,


Give me something I do not need,

Discord, dissension, illusion, feed—

Into from the same substance of greed,

Gluttony chooses to deceive the famished mind,

Days of damaged time,

Made frantic chimes…

The echoing end,

Give me something I want,

To no longer pretend,

That the nights are filled with promises,

Our actions are made from common sense,

My skull is no longer tense,

Her wall is no longer dense…

I want…to…know…what her touch means,

Because it is not what it seems.


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