Eternal us,

Sleeps with the endless reality,

Of our forever togetherness,

We trust,

The tension between our bones to keep us together,

As we collide for better, or for worse,

I kiss beneath your modest, I show you your worth.

The day comes with haste,

The taste—

Of you remains on my tongue,

Beautiful, young—

Lingers on my teeth,

I question the futile boundaries we keep,

Shrill echoes of the pleasant past,

Ring in the hallow place of what we did last.

We forever,

Exigent loneliness,

Boisterous storms,

Wicked waves,

Screaming horns,

What we crave,

Lean against what we’ve sworn,

Bring us closer, with its age,

Was when our immortality was born…

My thoughts, boyish thinking,

I miss you.


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