On Fire

Accept the disturbance,

That to which riddles the keen mind,

And is a reoccurrence,

Friends and family please see the signs!

The thoughts cut at the brain’s sense—

Of morality,

Of normality.

I accept the notions that are close to desecrated,

And wildly impure,

I accept the desolated, the void,

That exists solely to immure,

The good within the heart,

I am acceptant of the dear art,

That is the dark potency of poetry,

Outspokenly broken free….

From the shackles of what we choose to see as…acceptable.

I am wholly bad,

I am solely sick,

I am wholly glad,

Of being solely mixed,

Of interests for disgusting fads,

That can’t be fixed,

I am playing a part,

With a broken mind but patched heart,

Broken time,

Broken blinds,

Peer into the broken dark,

Heed, hark,

The silent warnings behind my skin I tear apart,

Each morning to forge a pretty face and warning smile,

To stay the fuck away, all while,

In the company of my sickness,

I have dipped into the salsa of disorder,

And I accidently caught on fire.


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