Phrenic agelessness induces a feeling of immortality,
Involving purely with the psychological, we challenge seconds,
Maybe we are paranormal standing outside the realm of certain reality,
Waiting for humanities edicts to be beckoned.

Another thought clashing with fickle fabric of the unsaid,
Avoided by tongues of the undead,
This feeling keeps us with smiles,
And within the antithesis of the mind’s wiles.

We bedew the torrid areas of our surroundings with our beliefs,
That freedom of souls remain within our hands,
And are always prepared to be unleashed,
When tempted by societal constraints, from the “elite” clans,
Such as religion and monetary value,
But baseless are these values.

Immortality is directly handled by time, not by the mortal hands of the doer,
Actions, and impacts to transcend years,
Remaining intact throughout the most cavalier —
Of folk,
Beside the opinion of the ridiculer.

I, we, us, tied to time,
Why we must abide by mind?,
We don’t, break the brain beyond what time cannot tame,
Nor tamper, nor wane, nor damper,
Be opposite of what seconds say,
And separate of what time may–
Not allow, step just outside the box,
And become the paradox,
Both dead and live,
Both fled and nighed.


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