The Second Eugenics

In 2015, regarding their wastefulness, humans have since been barred from reproducing,
While legislative laws stand loosely,
The bill remains teemed with holes,
Such as there being no specifications for women beyond the age of 50 years old,
In which we believe they see as fertility’s end,
But where does that leave the sexual active men?

Recent studies have shown an exponential rise in sexual relations between men over the age of 50 with younger women,
A study done by independent journalist/researcher Marcy Clemons,
The study began two months after the law was finalized, after swiftly reading the bill,
Government stating “every woman will be legally bound to contraception”, or the “pill”,
“Doctors will work closely with patients to ensure a healthy outcome is sought”,
In late 2016, a little over a year after what government officials are calling “The Second Eugenics Movement”, teachers were giving modified lesson plans to be taught —
Regarding sexual education,
Another loophole in legislation,
Was that the bill did not explicitly state restrictions on children under the age of consent.

Chaos fills the streets in form of flames,
As rioting neighbors point toward the government in blame,
Many women have reportedly refused to take the pill,
Causing the wound the nation dealt to its people to heal–
Nightly, screams of protesters deaf the block,
Still exhibiting the same awe and shock,
From the week the bill was made public,
Eugenics now even more a controversial subject,
Than the years before,
Hospitals now no longer advertise an open door,
To pregnant mothers,
For threat of arrest causes them to birth in cover,
The capital’s way of protecting earth,
By abolishing human birth.

Of course, people of power have been shown to somehow sidestep the law by flaunting their pregnancies on television,
And not receiving reprimand for their decisions,
To blatantly elude the birth law and its provisions.

Since 2015, census data has greatly decreased in spades,
Even with legislation loopholes with age,
Families have began promoting underage sex in order to prolong their bloodline,
15 and 16 year old in the eastern states have been parentally inclined–
To bare a child,
While resorts may be wild,
The struggling population is doing all that it can to unhold its numbers,
Despite governmental plunder.


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