Scream with the seethe,

They shout with their teeth,

Open your mouth, they sprout from their feet,

They suffer from doubt, sin, and defeat let them creep,

Continue to shout while they screech,

Maybe they understand that agony,

And understand your pain’s gravity.

Crawl with the creatures, become the blight,

Spurn, hate, renounce, and do fight,

Against the good that riddles your subconscious,

And tivia your responses,

Take part in there down falls, be involved in their seances,

Do no good,

Remain overlooked and misunderstood,

Do not what you should,

Do what you should not,

Do what keeps your blood flowing and viens bloodshot,

Silence your ears to a talking mind,

Leave what is genuine behind,

Leave who is ignorant blind,

Crawl into another time.

Severe the much needed bonds, from which you are not fand,

Attach to the fold,

Procreate, assimilate, mold,

Conform, be what you think is bold,

Threathen the enemy, that confides within your vicinity,

That is derived from divinity, and takes pride in being your enemy,

Rely on the wrong to make it right,

Defy the strong to take the fight,

Black is gone, resent the light,

Creep from your crepts,

Travel from the depths,

The slop that coats your tone,

Gives you a pleasant overtone,

I can hear your friends moan.

I am danger, you cannot hear me, you cannot see me,

Meaning, your eyes and ears are closed to reason,

The winter season always comes with death’s chill,

This year with the fear I hold dear to instill,

I am the revered, just incase death forgets to kill,

I am the one scorned, the one distilled,

The one that you felt, the one that you feel,

I am the one your friends help you escape,

By making, single-handedly, a grave mistake,

To shatter all things good, and temp fate,

To scatter all things understood, and watch as I dreamt of hate,

Of shear shear resentment…

I am your spawn, yet negativity is tied to you,

All things good reside within the borders of my mirror,

It couldn’t be clearer that what it says is true.

Your frankenstein, your harmless illusion,

The one that will destroy you in penance of deathly deed unpaid, with incredible intrusion,

I will give you back the disaster that you gave me.

Stand to your feet, don’t creep…please don’t creep, show keenliness I want this to be a memory to keep,

A golden memory of something “perfect” in your mind crushed meak,

Don’t look weak, don’t speak,

Don’t look weak, smile as I beat,

You are homemade meats,

You’ll remember for the next weeks,

You’ll be squeamish of what the hex keeps,

Aliments that doomsayers preach,

With resolution placed far out of your reach.

Just give me time.

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