The Devil’s Night and God’s Light

Fret not the eyes do deceive,
Poisonous pastures with beautiful leaves,
Polluting nature as it breathes,
Applying strife as it grieves,
The leaves believed to be of peace bereaves,
The enthralling pasture burns the eyes with its hold of your glare,
With promises of fruit and benefactors as it declares,
Until the night falls.

Take away the sun, let the glaring be done,
Escape, and dance, escape and run,
Don’t let it’s beauty stun,
Run, crushing the daffodils as you step,
Mustered from the glass vines as they crept,
You dive into a purple pond with no depth,
You tripped on nothing fumbled and lost your step,
Within seconds the purple too dark to see,
Purple pond grant your magic wand to me,
Grant me light from the sun sea,
In silver cups,
In golden cans,
You can’t swim up, but no one ever can,
You hold your breath, to survive the plight,
You prance, dance, trance and fight, with no hope and no light, because of night,
That fell, to turn heaven to hell,
From pleasant aromas to deplorable smells.

The sun wakes the bodies of the night with warmth, protection and light,
It turns bats to birds and we smile again as they take flight,
So beautiful we cannot feel shattered glass wedged spectacularly deep within our legs,
We hold hands as tears fall down our smiling faces,
To learn that heaven has many faces,
Scattered, shattered about in many places,
We cannot break our smile…in this oasis.

I wish to once escape Valhalla,
With her wrapped in my arms,
But with the Devil’s night and God’s light we cannot escape its charm,
Sometimes the most beautiful things can cause the most harm.


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