Dear God…Dear God are you with me?
Let this be a prayer for the desperate,
Closed eyes force meaning in darkness,
It prompts the mind to pull from nothing.

Breathy bellows breach my bruised ribs,
Beating all peace and instilling throes on a loose crib,
My personal compromise with life, I repose until the truss gives,
Give way, eternity casts its blessing until my turmoil, unending,
Unending, arresting, arresting, arresting…..apprehending,
I smirk at the happiness my cold energy is lending,
Pretending, for healing I am sending.

Joke with me now reflection,
State your imperfections, confuse me with occipital misdirection,
Guide my eyes around the fine contours of my face,
Give me something for my personal truths to trace, chase,
To chafe my brain with unnecessary heart-felt disgrace,
I am screaming, screaming loud in empty space,
Dear God are you with me, in this anguish, in this…place?

Pulpit, pulpit, pull it, pull me,
Away from him! Awaaay from me!
Use a immeasurable division of your all power, your divinity!,
Please separate me from me,
Regulate, exact, decree,
Take me, away, from what is only me,
Danger flows , like rivers, through veins,
Danger grows, in my heart, with strain.

Let this be my prayer,
I am my world, I am my doomsayer,
I am my end’s delayer,
I am my skins flayer,
My sins flayer,
I am my sin’s slayer,
I will be my penance payer.

Time, tormenting sleep,
Nightmares of crines of folk hading sheep,
A leap of faith,
At every attempt that I take,
Dreams of waters, lakes, flooding my intake,
My dreams turned nightmare,
Laming trees with dejected light present chilled scene of scare,
I stare, glare, dare to the end of trees, you are there,
The never ending breeze…my mind declares,
A whishing wind, wishing winds to swear,
That you are not alone with me in this desolate nowhere,
Time given, tending tender care, please prepare, someone slender is there,
It is not you…I will not share,
God…God? Are you there?
Please release me, please retrieve me, take me from this liar,
I see my enemy is me, slender, dangerous and free,
He has shadow eyes and a pierced back, red teeth, shown with cracks,
I wonder what keeps them intact…
In this valley of indecision I must not act,
Rather stare into his eyes while entombed in the black,
The black, the black. 


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